1. A Plant-Covered Home

    House Patrocinio (by Rebelo De Andrade)


  2. gregmelander:

A fun ring where you can grow your own little plants. :) via O B J E C T I F I E D



    A fun ring where you can grow your own little plants. :) via O B J E C T I F I E D

  3. beautifultype:

    Fantastic Retro works from Jean-Charles Desevre. Check out his portfolio. Everything vector graphics.

  4. myedol:

    Gravity Defying Photography by Cerise Doucède

    By using strings to suspend objects in midair, French photographer Cerise Doucède is able to create dream like images frozen in time. Finding inspiration in normal day to day tasks, the mundane nature of the scene is juxtaposed with the encapsulating fantasy world swirling around the subjects. Cerise also deliberately leaves the strings in shot and visible to the viewer, she does this to maintain a connection between reality and the surreal moments captured.

    Artists: | Website | [via: Design Taxi]

  5. ashortinspiration:

    Save a Planet

    To create disposable food bowl with minimum environmental impact and to teach wide society about new biodegradable materials in a funny way.

    Enjoy your food. Then put the seeds from under the etiquette with gravel to the bowl and let it grow. After a week, plant bowl with a herb to the ground. The bowl will degrade and you can grow up your own herb.

    More on: behance.net

  6. martinekenblog:

    Enter Key Caps

  7. jaymug:

iFusion SmartStation for iPhone


    iFusion SmartStation for iPhone

  8. travelingcolors:

    Fat & Furious Burger | Tumblr

    French graphic designers Thomas and Quentin have created what are probably the most awesome and imaginative burgers you will ever come across.  According to the burger creators, they “were so bored of random food at lunch, so [they] started cooking together [and] it soon became a kind of a ritual: improvising and experimenting new ways of cooking a burger”.

  9. really-shit:

    Finally, Dishes Find Their Place In Life

    I always had issues with my dishes arguing back at me. Now, I can show them their place with this minimalistic dishrack.

  10. anndesignn:

    Sneaker Speaker by Ray Kingston Inc.


  11. lemd:

    Glennz is my favorite designer. 

    Glenn Jones is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. ‘GLENN’ from ‘NZ’ = GLENNZ.
    GLENNZ was his username on T-shirt design site Threadless.com, which is where this all started. Because that’s the 
    nickname alot of people associate his work with, it made sense to carry on using it when GLENNZ TEES was founded.

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