1. eleventheleven:

    Sans/Serif Wine

    Sans/Serif is a self-promotional piece that I produced with Plumbline Studio. The idea behind this gift-item was to promote the importance of typography to it’s recipients (often clients). My intent was to create mini lesson on typography in a beautiful and modern layout.

  2. m0iety:

    Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa takes packaging design to a whole new level through literalist design. Most brands and packaging nowadays bombard users with texts, fonts, colors and elements to stand out from the supermarket shelf. Fukasawa takes the road less traveled and created these brilliant packaging designs.

  3. thedsgnblog:

    Lilla Tóth   |   http://www.behance.net/fantasmagloria

    Hello, I’m Lilla and I’m a 20 years old pupil of Buda Drawing School in Budapest where I started my studies of graphic design in 2010.

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  4. escapekit:

    Ballistic brewing 

  5. oliphillips:

Antismoke Packaging Concept 
by Reynolds and Reyner


    Antismoke Packaging Concept 

    by Reynolds and Reyner

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